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HR teams spends 73% of their time on admin tasks according to statistics. Free up valuable time that you can devote to what you do best - building spectacular teams. Let Conneto help you shift your focus from paperwork to people.
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Streamline your HR operations

Wave goodbye to tedious paperwork and endless emails and tailor contacts to suit your unique HR requirements.

In the globalized world of HR, language diversity matters. Conneto provides bilingual contracts to facilitate seamless communication with international employees and partners.

Our AI-powered translations further bridge language barriers to ensure smooth cross-border interactions.

Accelerate your HR processes

Discover Conneto’s secure and efficient way to electronically sign and manage personnel contracts.

Eliminate paperwork and administrative hassles while ensuring compliance and data security.

Real-time collaboration

With Conneto, collaboration becomes a breeze.

Enjoy one centralized platform to collaborate with counterparts, external lawyers, and partners in real-time.

Embrace efficient teamwork and foster productive interactions, all within a secure and accessible environment.

Attract premium talent

Bring the best talent to your business with Conneto.

Embrace seamless contracts as part of your onboarding processes to make new hires feel at home immediately.

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