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Unshakeable Security
  • check Zero compromise on security, compliance, standards, and platform stability
  • check Sensitive information requires solid security measures. Conneto protects your data from unauthorized access, breaches, and other potential cybercrime threats
  • check Lock down your legal documents, case details, and personal information with Conneto
Powerful Decentralized Data Security
Your documents are stored on our encrypted platform to ensure the utmost protection right across your business.
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Enhanced Access Management
Comprehensive team and permissions structure ensures precise refinement of editing permissions across team, template, draft, and smart field levels.
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2-Factor Authentication
Incorporate 2-Factor Authentication to strengthen security and add confidence and protection.
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Compliant Digital Documents
Ensure all your documents are compliant with relevant digital document standards.
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Distributed Data Storage
Count on our distributed data storage architecture for redundancy and protection against single points of failure. Your data is securely stored to ensure its integrity and availability at all times.
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Continuous Improvement
Staying ahead of emerging threats and enhancing security measures is our dedicated focus. Our team is available to address any questions or concerns you may have about data security.
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Data Backup and Recovery
Regular backups are encrypted and protected with recovery mechanisms.
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Privacy Policy
Review our transparent privacy policy to learn how we collect, use, manage and store information.
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