Efficient Workflow and QR Code Integration

Streamline your projects and document workflows with Conneto's centralized and consolidated storage solution, providing convenient access to your entire workflow in one place. Simplify document management and organization with our intuitive contract database, eliminating scattered storage solutions or multiple applications.
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Centralized Storage

Access and manage all your important documents, contracts, and project files in one convenient location within Conneto's contract platform.

QR Code Integration

Scan a document's QR code with just one click to instantly open the corresponding online version (for authorized users only), facilitating faster contract and legal document management.

Integrity and authenticity of important paperwork

Conneto securely stores final copies of each signed document, safeguarding against fraud and the circulation of fake copies.

Rest assured knowing that the contract repository contains all of your signed documents, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of important legal paperwork.

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